Beware of Bad Rabbit Ransomware

Beware of Bad Rabbit Ransomware

Bad Rabbit Ransomware Outbreak

There is a new strain of Ransomware that has begun to be reported across the world.  The outbreak appears to be spreading fast and is being caused by a fake Adobe Flash or Java installer, although this may change at any time.  Please make sure that you to do not click on any unusual file update requests which pop up.  If you look closely, you will see that the pop-up is actually a website with an Adobe update image positioned on it rather than a real pop-up.

Wi-Fi Network Vulnerability News

You may have read in the press or watched news items about a recently discovered Wi-Fi network vulnerability known as KRACKATTACK.  It has been reported that a research team have discovered a serious weakness in WPA2 (the protocol that secures modern protected Wi-Fi networks) whereby it may be possible to read sensitive information such as credit card numbers, passwords etc if the attacker exploits the weakness.  It would appear that Android and Linux based systems are particularly vulnerable, although other operating systems such as Windows and IOS are also at risk.

Although this is a potentially serious issue, it has been sensationalised in some media and, in our opinion, needs to be considered in context.  The main points to consider are:

  1. There are currently no known occurrences of this kind of attack in a real life situation
  2. An attacker would have to be in range of the targeted Wi-Fi network and possess a high level of technical knowledge
  3. Global awareness of KRACKATTACK is spreading and the demands on hardware and software manufacturers to issue firmware updates and patches as soon as possible will be high.

The original research information can be accessed via the address below. You will need to copy or type it into your web browser.