Hosted email now standard business practice

Hosted email now standard business practice

Hosted email the new way to go in business

It's been almost exactly five years since July 2012 when Microsoft made the shock announcement that it was to stop selling its Small Business Server (SBS) product line.  It was a bold move, especially given that SBS was the premier small business server operating system and email solution at the time.  We well-remember the sheer disbelief in the IT marketplace when the announcement was made.  The product stopped being available at the end of 2013.

Microsoft's proposal was that companies and organisations should either use the full blown (and much more expensive) Microsoft Exchange product or transfer their email services to Microsoft's Office 365 services.  It was considered a leap of faith by many email users.  Some didn't trust "the web" with their email data, some thought their email would be less secure or would be unreliable. Oh how it's changed.

Hosted email using Exchange or Microsoft Office 365

Fast forward to today and the picture has changed competely.  Hosted email is now the norm in business, especially for a number of Hampshire businesses.  Virtually all of the new email installation projects for BTP's clients in Hampshire, especially Southampton, involves either Microsoft Office 365 or a hosted email server using Microsoft Exchange.  Customers have been migrating to Microsoft Office 365 in their droves and the number of Office 365 users we support.  

Microsoft Exchange still used by larger businesses

The full version of Microsoft Exchange is, of course, still available and still favoured by some companies - particularly those with large numbers of users.  Companies can choose to have their own on-premis Microsoft Exchange server or choose a hosted server in the cloud provided by their IT services company.  Either can be a cost-effective option.

Hosted email Eastleigh / Southampton / Hampshire

Whether you are looking for a fully-hosted email solution, such as a hosted server with Microsoft Exchange, or the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 - BTP can help.  Call us now on 02380 652111 and we'll make sure that you get the email system you need - whether it be hosted email or an on-premis email system - at a price to suit your business. We're a local company in Eastleigh, close to Southampton, situated in the county of Hampshire.


*Updated 06/03/2018