Time for a Hosted Telephone System?

Time for a Hosted Telephone System?

Time for a Hosted Telephone System?

Do you have an old-fashioned telephone system in your office?  Is it time to change - but are you worried about the cost?  You may well be surprised. It is very likely that switching to a hosted telephone system could improve your business practices AND save you money.

The trouble with old telephone systems is that they need telephone lines - and telephone lines cost money.  There’s a monthly line rental fee and call charges - plus there is the cost of buying the telephone system hardware and handsets.

You can save money now

If you upgrade to a hosted telephone system, you can eradicate call costs and line rental costs altogether and replace that cost with a simple monthly fee per user to access a phone system which is completely in the cloud.

Whether it’s called a VOIP system, an IP telephone system, a hosted telephone system or a cloud telephone system, it simply means that your phone calls are routed through your existing Internet connection rather than your phone lines.

How does a hosted telephone system work?

It’s simple.  With a hosted telephone system, every user gets a telephone handset but it plugs into your network cabling instead of your telephone network.  The handsets look much like normal telephone handsets although they might have a little screen on them.  But basically, they do the same thing.  You dial numbers and call people on them!  Also, instead of the traditional old system where one person would have a large “telephone console”  (like you used to see at a receptionist’s desk) - the console is hosted in the cloud.  You just click on an Internet link on your desktop which takes you to a website - and there it is, your telephone console.  You’ll normally authorise one or more users to be able to access this.

Every user gets a program which they install on their desktop or laptop which acts as a mini-console providing enhanced facilities like being able to see who’s calling, which one of your colleagues is on the phone, access your voicemails and set functions like do not disturb and call forwarding.

Home and mobile workers are just extensions

One of the most helpful benefits of a hosted phone system is the flexibility.    If you have someone who works from home, either occasionally or permanently, they can connect to the system just like everyone else.  It’s as if they are in the office too.  Just transfer an incoming call to them and the original caller won’t know that they’re not in the same office as you.   You can do the same thing with mobile workers such as engineers and sales representatives.  Just install the free mobile app and their mobile phones become an extension to the system.

A real financial example

We have just assisted a Hampshire client with 15 staff in converting from their old traditional telephone system to a new hosted telephone system.  They’re saving £90 per month and they’re benefitting from all of the modern working practices that a hosted telephone system provides including:  voicemail, caller identification, integration with their email and software systems, call recording, flexible remote working, out of hours messaging and automated call handling.  The numbers are like this:

Old system cost (15 users)

Rental of 7 telephone lines = £266 per month

Call costs = £49 per month

TOTAL = £315 per month*

* plus the need to maintain the system

New system cost (15 users)

Hosted phone system rental @ £15 per user per month = £225 per month**

** All calls, all maintenance and all telephone handsets included

Saving = £90

Ask BTP for a new Hosted Telephone System

If you are a business in Hampshire, are looking to upgrade your phone system - and you want to save money AND make use of all of the modern features that hosted telephone systems provide - call BTP now on 02380 652111.  We'll be pleased to help.