Outsourced IT - What are the benefits?

Outsourced IT - What are the benefits?

The 7 benefits of outsourcing IT

A fast and reliable IT service is a vital component of any company, irrespective of size. However, some Hampshire Businesses, especially in the Southampton area, struggle to find the resources to manage their IT effectively internally. That's exactly where BTP's IT Support across Eastleigh, Southampton and even over Hampshire, can come in and help out your company. We want you to focus on your company, not your network.

1. Quick IT support for any issue

Sometimes when running your IT internally, an issue may come up that even an IT professional with MCSE certification would struggle to solve independently without a wealth of experience. However, outsourced IT with BTP, you can have constant support on a wide range of IT support issues from an experienced IT support team. Outsourced IT is a hassle-free way of managing your IT systems with a local Hampshire company, BTP.

2. Maintain focus on your core business

Any business has limited resources and any manager has limited time. By outsourcing your IT, you can focus on the core of your business - without having to worry about those niggly connectivity issues getting in your way.

3. Security of your IT system

A huge threat to businesses are viruses, malware, ransomware.. the list continues. There are numerous ways to prevent yourself and your data from attacks like these by keeping your firewalls updated and implementing the latest secruity patches. Outsourcing your IT can take the weight off your mind by trusting the security of your system to experienced, qualified IT support professional in Hampshire.

4. Implementation of new technology

Here at BTP, we understand how frustrating a slow computer or a slow Internet connection can be to your business.  By updating your software, your systems and even your Internet connection - you can keep your business running at the pace that suits you, without the need for you to worry about implementing new technology to keep your business one step ahead.

5. Cost-effective, full-time support

We understand that to keep your IT costs low can be challenging.  Even hiring an employee to manage your IT support, the cost to interview, train and manage can be a huge drain on any businesses resources. By choosing to outsource your IT to BTP, you're able to devote your time to your business, whilst we devote our time to your network.

6. Disaster Recovery Systems

A business' data is its most precious resource. A large amount of businesses haven't got a system in place for recovering that data, whether it be a fire, flood or even a cyber attack and this can cost a huge amount of time and resources to repair. BTP outsourced IT means we can back up and install data recovery systems so if anything does in fact happen to your data - it's in safe hands.

7. Save your time and your money

If you're interested in outsourcing your IT to BTP to receive IT support from a team of experienced engineers who will devote their time to your network, get in touch with us today by calling BTP on 02380 652111. We'll be happy to help.


*Updated 04/04/2018