Automated Cloud backup

BTP can replace your manual backup system with a fully automated, encrypted and secure online backup solution.

You no longer need to operate the backup system yourself. No more changing tapes and checking to see if the backup system worked. No more sample testing of backup files - and no need to worry if you can restore your system in the event of a disaster.  BTP engineers will take a full copy of your existing data and place it on our secure backup servers. Then, we will install software on your server which will automatically detect any changes you make to your data and transfer it, via the Internet, to our secure servers on a nightly basis BTP will always have an up-to-date copy of your server information on our backup servers. We will, via one of our Remote Backup packages, provide that data to you on demand.

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Disaster recovery service

For an additional fee, BTP can extend our automated backup service to provide a full disaster recovery service – which can provide a replica of your server system, available online, within 60 minutes of your request.

To create this disaster recovery service, we will take the backup data that we receive from your normal automated cloud backup server(s) on a nightly basis and use that data to create a virtual stand by server system ready for you to use at any time. If you experience a network disaster, like flood, fire or theft, we can very quickly make your online virtual server available to you - from wherever you are. Just so long as you have an Internet connection, you will be able to use all of your files and folders.

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Simple portable hard disk backup

Alternatively, BTP can provide a very cost-effective backup system for your organisation using portable hard disks. Either using software already on your server, or a number of proprietary backup software programs, BTP can copy all of the important information from your server or other devices onto portable external hard disks.

Using a number of disks in rotation, you can always make sure that your data is safe and a copy can be taken off-site on a regular basis, to guard against a system disaster. We can also monitor the process and guarantee the operation of your backup system. Call us now, to hear how BTP can help you to operate your backup system securely.

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What are we doing right now?

We're converting one of our Southampton clients to a cloud server system and we're implementing the full backup and disaster recovery option on his IT support contract.

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