Spam filtering

Spam email is annoying, time consuming and can represent a threat to your IT systems. Let BTP look after your spam filtering so that you can get on with reading and dealing with your genuine mail.

Our Managed Spam Filter service detects and quarantines any suspect email. Once a day, you will receive a list of all of the emails caught in the filter, allowing you to release them for review or delete them altogether. It’s simple and cost-effective.

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Virus protection

Keep your IT system free from viruses by using BTP’s Managed Virus Protection service. It's simple and easy to use.

We place virus protection software on each of your PCs, laptops and servers which reports live to BTP if any of those devices are infected by a virus. This allows us to intervene if you ever have a problem.

Using BTP’s Managed Virus Protection service, you will never have a major virus problem again.

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Internet filtering & monitoring

Do you allow all of your staff to use the Internet at work? If so, do you know which sites they are visiting and did you know that unrestricted Internet access puts you at risk from malware, virus and ransom-ware like cryptolocking?

BTP can help! BTP’s Internet Filtering service lets you see what your staff are viewing and automatically detects ad blocks websites with malicious code to keep your company safe from hacking and other nasty intrusions. You can also automatically block sites such as gambling and other inappropriate topics and increase productivity by controlling the use of shopping sites and social media.

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Remote server monitoring

Let BTP take a proactive approach to the management of your IT system. With our Remote Monitoring Service we can keep an eye on your systems remotely and identify any issues before they become problems.

We can see if you contract a virus, or if your backup has failed, if your email has failed or if your Internet has stopped down – as well as many other system critical events. We don't just monitor your systems, we take preventative action helping to make your system run smoothly.

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Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) strengthens access security of your system by requiring a combination of two different components (factors) to verify a user's identity.

These components may be something that the user knows, like a username and password, plus something that the user possesses, like a smartphone app or number-generating token.

2FA protects against phishing, hacking and other cyber attacks by securing your logins from attackers exploiting weak or stolen credentials.

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What are we doing right now?

We're adding more and more clients to our two factor authentication service - three new clients this week! It's our managed IT service of the moment with so many companies keen on avoiding the disruption of ransomware and hacking.

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