Microsoft Access, SQL & other databases

BTP are experts in the support, amendment and creation of Microsoft Access databases and have many years' experience of providing support to database users, managers and developers.

Many small to medium companies rely on Microsoft Access databases which have been created in-house - often by a previous employee. Others have databases which were created by a supplier who either no longer exists or with whom they have lost contact. Or it may just be, now that your database is in use and providing an important resource for your company, you need it to be a changed a little - and you don't have the expertise to make the changes you really want. Whichever is case, BTP can consult with you, identify what changes are needed and make sure that these are made in a secure and cost-effective way. We can also combine a number of Microsoft Access databases to allow different people or departments to share information. We can even convert your existing database into a Microsoft SQL web-based system allowing remote users, other offices and home workers access to your resource securely and efficiently. Whatever it is that you need - give BTP a call.  We'll be pleased to help.

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Legacy Software Support

Many of our customers have old or unfinished databases or software systems or software products that are no longer supported by the original provider - but are still vital for their operations.

BTP have extensive experience of picking up where other companies have left off and either supporting, finishing or replacing software that other companies have left behind.  We can either help you to continue with your existing product or we can help to replace your old software with a modern software application using up-to-date software technologies. Call us and tell us about your existing system. We’re confident we can provide you with a good solution to this very common problem.

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Custom software development

If your company or organisation needs some custom software written specifically for your own needs – then call BTP.

Whether you need a small software utility, a piece of middleware to work with other systems, or even a large cloud-based database with a multi-user interface for use by many people - we can help. BTP’s own in-house team of software developers and business consultants can listen to your business needs and custom design a software program specifically for you. You’ll be surprised at how cost-effective it can be. Our custom-made software can help to make your processes more efficient and help you to be even better at what you do. Call BTP and ask us what we can do.

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What are we doing right now?

We've justed started a very large Microsoft SQL and C# .net project for a client in Basingstoke this week.  It'll take 6 months with 5 separate module delivery points.

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