What you can expect from your next IT Support Provider

At BTP UK we strive to provide the nation with the best IT support services available. You may be familiar with other Business IT Support, we just do it way better than you’ve ever had before. Welcome to the new way of doing Business IT support.

How do we do it? First and foremost, our IT support services are fast, but at no cost to the quality. When it comes to response speed, no one else even comes close. Forget waiting on hold while potential sales come and go, or your business can’t operate effectively. Whereas other providers may leave you high and dry for hours. Our lightning-fast IT support will mean that you can get back up and running in no time.

Partnering with an IT service provider can allow you to focus on the growth of your company and help achieve important business objectives rather than spend your time dealing with issues. Instead, having an expert IT support provider will give you peace of mind that no matter your issue, you’re in good hands.

We know technical, jargon-filled contracts can be confusing, so we've cut that out and replaced them with simple per-person pricing, which is published on our site for all to see.  With transparent monthly subscription plans and bespoke options tailored directly to your business needs, you can be sure to find something that meets your budget and requirements.

With 24/7 out-of-hours support, 365 days a year, no matter when an IT issue occurs, BTP UK will be there to help you. We never compromise on speed or service, so you’ll get the same level of IT support at 1pm as you would at 2am. Our IT services are remote, so we are able to serve the whole of the UK, but our main service area is Hampshire, enabling us to visit your company face-to-face for more personal hands-on support.

Last but not least, BTP UK are experts at taking advantage of the latest technology to improve our IT support services to our customers. Like our unique in-house developed business IT support app! Our one-of-a-kind in-house developed Business IT support app allows you to easily view, track and interact with your ongoing support cases and contact us quickly and easily.

Our performance so far this week

We’re so proud of our response time that we openly publish our performance because you deserve to see the service you’ll receive.

  • 99.1%

    Instant response this week

  • 25 minutes

    Average fix time

  • 7 minutes

    Longest wait for response this week


Why Businesses Choose BTP UK for IT Support

  1. BTP UK is all about the speed of response, with no compromise on service, it is what we are famous for. Why is that so important? The quicker we resolve your issue the quicker you can get back to focusing on what matters. Check out our statistics above to see how we are doing this week.

  2. No more convoluted proposals, instead, we have designed three clear and simple IT support service packages. There is sure to be an option that suits your business for you to choose from.

  3. To take our IT support services to the next level, BTP UK is an expert at utilising the latest technology. Our new support app – Rocket - is just one example of this. Download it for free today to get started.

  4. Unfortunately, IT problems can happen to anyone at any time. Fortunately, BTP UK offers 24/7 IT support 365 days a year to help you deal with the unexpected and prevent downtime day or night.

Fast IT Support Simple IT Support IT Support App Around The Clock Support

Our business IT support plans

Why should you choose us? Well, the simple answer is that we offer a wide range of business IT service solutions, and do it better than other IT support companies, including:

  • Fast and reliable IT Support
  • Software and Hardware installation
  • IT System Security
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Telephone Systems
  • and much more…

You won’t find faster, more responsive or more knowledgeable IT support in the South of England than with BTP UK. Oh! - and our pricing is simple too. We’re very transparent about the cost of our IT support services so there’s no jumping through hoops to find out how much you’ll pay. Check out our plans below.



per person per month

Peace of mind if things go wrong

  • Unlimited phone support
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Unlimited on-site support

Core Plan


per person per month

The essentials for any business

  • Everything in our Covered Plan
  • Managed virus protection
  • Managed spam filtering
  • Network & system admin

Core Secure


per person per month

Extra secure IT support

  • Everything in our Core Plan
  • Inventory management
  • Patch management
  • Device rollback & isolation

Not what you're looking for? We also offer bespoke solutions specific to your organisation’s needs. No matter what you require, BTP UK have you covered!

Create a bespoke plan
space rocket

Say Hello to Rocket

Our new business IT support app

What we're doing right now

We're ramping up our 24-7-365 IT support service due to the sheer weight of demand.  

We re-launched our IT support as a 'round the clock operation when we noticed the huge numbers of calls we were getting into our helpdesk when we were closed.  These were coming in as voicemails or "emergency entries" via our IT support smartphone app.  We'd deal with them first thing in the morning.  Then we thought, "hold on, these people want IT support NOW!!! They can't wait until we get in".  So we started to offer 24-7-365 support as an add on to our services.  And it's really taken off.  Not many companies offer this kind of support.  In fact, virtually zero competitors do.  But we do and we think it's the right thing for our clients.

We're also looking at the possibility of providing instant 'round the clock IT services to new users.  If you search IT support Hampshire and end up on this homepage - you'll then be able to get straight through to one of our IT support services engineers and get instant help - even if you're not currently a support client.  You should watch this space.

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