A guide for employers and staff

Get ready

Don’t just go home and start working. Take some time to make sure you have all the equipment and access to resources that you need. With a little bit of preparation, you’ll be able to do everything from home just like you can in the office.

Laptops are the way

Consider using a laptop. You can use it both in the office and at home, and you won’t need to swap documents from your home computer to your office computer, which will save you time and effort.

There are laptop models to suit everyone’s needs nowadays - and they’re not much more expensive than a standard PC.

Wireless signal

Most of us will use a wireless connection when working from home. Make sure your connection works well - or it could impact your productivity. If you need a boost, consider installing a wireless signal booster. There are plenty of very cost-effective options available. 

Video calling

Don’t get caught out on a business video call with unwashed dishes in your kitchen or dirty laundry on your bedroom floor. Take some time to prepare your video area and pay attention to what is in the background. BTP can even create a professional virtual background for you.

Using the phone

Most modern phone systems allow you to plug your phone handset in at home and it will work just like it would when you’re in the office. You can make and receive calls using the company telephone number, transfer calls to colleagues and speak to colleagues on their work extensions - even if you are all actually in your own houses!


Don’t forget security! When you’re working from home, try to use a company-authorised device with good virus protection and other professional security protection. Don’t use your family computer that other people share. Your business network will be vulnerable to intrusion if you do!

Consider going completely cloud computing

Working from home is much easier and more productive if your company chooses to use a cloud computer system, with all of your servers and resources on secure cloud servers. Then it doesn’t matter where you work - from home, in the office, at a client site, in a cafe - or even overseas on holiday. You will be just as productive, no matter where you are.

Support system – external or in-house

Make sure you have someone to help you if you have an IT problem when working from home. Get access to good business IT support - either from your own company’s resources, or from a competent external services provider.  You’ll get more done if your system is working properly.

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