Should we be taking on more office space nowadays?

It’s a hot topic right now. Maybe we should all be taking less office space and setting up a hybrid office/WFH system for our companies?

At BTP we often buck the trend. While others are pushing the hybrid/WFH line, we’ve just taken on 50% more office space. That will be a five-fold increase in the size of our premises in the last three years.

It might be a bold step but we believe our office is part of our culture. We have a strong brand and our branding is represented visually where we work. We see ourselves as fresh and innovative in our market sector and we believe being around our branding helps us buy into the culture of that.

There’s also the element of collaboration. We’re an IT support company. We “team solve” many of our clients’ issues, drawing on the knowledge and experiences of colleagues who are all around us. We think we’d miss that if we didn’t have a significant base of operations like we do now.

Yes we do have some hybrid workers where there is a specific need and we have lots of super important part-time colleagues.

If things keep going how they are, we’ll need even more space within a couple of years – or maybe another office altogether. Or should we look at expanding hybrid/WFH at that time?

It’ll be interesting to see how the employment scene goes. Will hybrid/WFH be a passing fad? Or will it continue and become the norm?

In the meantime, we’ll be busy with the builders for the next few months, putting up the new glazed partitions and sticking superhero images all over the place!

We’ll do you some pics when it’s done.

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