24-7-365 IT Support

Are we open at BTP today? Do you need IT support? Well ......

in that case, "Yes". If you need us, we're open. In fact since we are 24-7-365 nowadays. We're always open.


Business has changed. For a lot of people, and a lot of companies, working 9 to 5 isn't a thing any more. So at BTP it also isn't a thing.

Call us during the day? ..... at night? ...... 3.00 am in the morning?...... we don't mind when. We don't tell YOU when you need IT support. You tell US.

And we really mean 24-7-365. Any time, any day, for any reason, you'll get the same support as if you'd called up at 10.00 am on a Monday morning.

If your IT support company tell you when it's convenient for you to call them ......... then maybe you're speaking to the wrong people?

Call us on 01489 539999 and we'll tell you how!

#itsupport #hampshire

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