Sending scammers on their way and intruders elsewhere

What is it?

A virtual security force around your Microsoft Office 365 system, complete with chain link fence and guard dog.

Our Intruder Alert service monitors all potential vulnerable points in your Office 365 email system and catches any anomalies in real-time, preventing email attacks before they even happen.

The activities monitored include:

  • Logins from unusual locations,
  • emails being forwarding to another system without your knowledge,
  • any admin access granted,
  • new and unusual email account configurations,
  • and imposter email detection.

When can I call?

Our standard support hours are Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm excluding public holidays. Extended support hours are available at additional cost.

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Why do I need it?

Gone are the days when a hacker needed to be physically at your server to get into your system. Now they can do it at a click of a button from anywhere in the world.

All it takes is one click from a naïve team member and suddenly they’re in your system, harvesting your data, forwarding emails elsewhere, or pretending to be you and contacting your clients and customers.

The financial and reputational damage these breaches cause can be avoided with our 365 Intruder Alert service.

Any system irregularities will be spotted, and interlopers removed before they can even click a mouse button.

No nonsense, no jargon

Just a simple per person monthly fee

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Paul Explains Our 365 Intruder Alert Service

Office 365 poses some security threats to your business. And it's not the product itself, but how your staff use it. Paul explains how our 365 Intruder Alert service can help.

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What we are doing right now!

One our longest standing customers, from Basingstoke, had a scare where they nearly sent thousands of pounds to a scammer who was masquerading as one of their regular suppliers.  They remembered BTP's "Small Money Test" advice and uncovered the scam before it cost them dearly.  They've now installed our 365 Intruder Alert product which removed the unwanted guest and now protects their Microsoft Office 365 email service - so they can feel safe.

Our performance so far this week

We’re so proud of our response time that we openly publish our performance because you deserve to see the service you’ll receive.

  • 99.1%

    Instant response this week

  • 25 minutes

    Average fix time

  • 7 minutes

    Longest wait for response this week


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