IT support for your small business, in one place

We provide a fast, reliable, responsive, and straightforward small business IT support service. In order for your business to run successfully, having unrivalled IT support is essential - fortunately, that's exactly what we supply, all for one simple fee.

we offer the new way of doing IT support; with no convoluted pricing structure, no jargon designed to make your head spin, just an excellent service for an exceptional price. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

Oh, but that not all, we are experts at taking advantage of the latest technology to improve the service we provide our customers. Like our unique small business IT support app!

Welcome to the new way of doing small business IT support.

When can I call?

Our standard support hours are Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm excluding public holidays. Extended support hours are available at additional cost.

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Simple Business IT Support Plans from BTP

There's no need for IT support to be complex. BTP focus on enabling a new way to buy business IT support. No more complicated contracts, just a simple monthly subscription fee calculated on a per person basis. Still want to hear more? Check out the video to hear Laura tell you all about it...

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Our help desk is your help desk

Your calls will no longer go unanswered, ringing endlessly while an IT issue causes detrimental harm to your business.

Instead, whenever a problem arises, you can always be sure that our dedicated team of Microsoft-qualified IT Support professionals will be on hand. Whatever the issue, they will have heard it before and have it fixed in record time.

With BTP, you’ll never have to worry about your systems being down for long. Our “No Waiting Guarantee” means that if a problem with your system if preventing you from working, we’ll get on the case straight away, no waiting.

Backed up by professional on-site IT support engineers

We know that sometimes a problem can’t be fixed over the phone, but don’t worry, our IT support services don't stop there. Our external engineering team will have you covered, able to come out to your location at a moment's notice to manually solve your issues.

So, unrivalled response times, Microsoft-qualified professionals, “No Waiting Guarantee”, and emergency same day on-site support. All sound good? Thought so. Give us a call today so we can get you a quote and have your business projected by BTP's IT Support.

No nonsense, no jargon

Just a simple per person monthly fee

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Our performance so far this week

We’re so proud of our response time that we openly publish our performance because you deserve to see the service you’ll receive.

  • 99.1%

    Instant response this week

  • 25 minutes

    Average fix time

  • 7 minutes

    Longest wait for response this week


What we're doing right now

Did you know that here at BTP we have a FREE Business IT Support App.....say hello to Rocket!

It’s fast, efficient, can save you a lot of time and provides invaluable information.

This is something completely unique and we believe are the only company to introduce this to their clients, so we are proud to be the first to launch this exclusive feature to enhance the support that you receive from us.

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What we're doing right now

We are just finishing of a migration for one of our BIG new clients.  They're in South Wales.  We're helping them to move from an old "Pop3" email system to a brand new Microsoft Office 365 system.   We've been at it all week and should be finished tomorrow.  We'll also be moving all of their documents to Microsoft SharePoint.  Then we'll be finishing the whole thing off with a new hosted server with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services early in the new year.  Phew!  

Of course, we'll be following that up with our 24-7-365 IT support service and a whole load of managed services like virus protection, anti-spam and some other security services.  A great new client to have won!

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