Our microsoft-qualified engineers supply & install hardware & software for your business computers

It’s natural that you’d want only the best hardware and software for your business computers, but with so many options, it can be complicated and get expensive. Not with us.

Not just there to help when things go wrong, we can also make sure you get the correct tech for your business and knock some of those easily-avoidable issues on the head from the beginning, and we’ll be able to do it for less money too.

Doesn’t sound like a regular IT service does it? It’s not, this is the new way to do IT support, where you get what you need for one simple price.

Don’t believe it? Check out our packages then come back to us. We’ll wait.

When can I call?

Our standard support hours are Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm excluding public holidays. Extended support hours are available at additional cost.

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No nonsense, no jargon

Just a simple per person monthly fee

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Supplying you with the right business computer equipment

We know that every business has individual requirements, and so your IT needs won’t be the same as someone else’s.

Whether you’re in search of hardware or software, we know the best solutions for your business, and will have them set up in no time.

Looking for new IT hardware or a piece of software? Give us a call, we’ll get you sorted.

BTP Super heros

What we're doing right now

Another busy start to January 2023 for BTP, this week we are ordering and arranging the supply and installation of a brand new 'Server Upgrade' for one of our clients based in Southampton, Hampshire.

It has only taken us 3 working days from the client placing the order to us starting the installation on site, that is just how 'Lightning Fast' we are here at BTP.

Plus, our field engineers have been none stop this month already, they are always out the Whiteley office helping to deliver and install our clients brand new Laptops and Desktop PC's orders around various locations all over Hampshire.

Our performance so far this week

We’re so proud of our response time that we openly publish our performance because you deserve to see the service you’ll receive.

  • 99.1%

    Instant response this week

  • 25 minutes

    Average fix time

  • 7 minutes

    Longest wait for response this week


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