It’s nearly time to pack up up the Christmas decorations and say goodbye to 2022. But we can look back on 2022 as BTP’s best ever year. We’ve grown in lots of ways.

Sales are up by a whopping amount year on year. We have eight more staff than this time last year to cope with the demand with at least three more new recruits planned early in the New Year …… we’re expanding our office by 50% as I speak including a revamp and big expansion of our famous in-office American Diner. Things are going very well!

It hasn’t all been plain sailing. There were some staff challenges during the year – as we probably all had. But we met those head on, hired some really impressive new people and we finish the year with a team of great colleagues working in a very supportive environment. It’s actually fun to come to work.

The year was summed up the other day by one of our biggest and most demanding clients. A real hard task master. He said, “you guys really are very good and you keep improving”.

All in all, you could say that 2022 was the year that “Reginald Molehusband got it right”. And if you recognise that phrase, you’re as old as me!

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at BTP to all of our customers, suppliers, competitors, friends and followers.

Let’s all make 2023 even better. We have BIG plans.

PS: We’ll be here all throughout the Christmas break if you need us. In fact, we’re open 24/7/365 nowadays so – WE. NEVER. CLOSE.

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